Bug: aktive Submaster is no background value for FX

Hello everybody,

i came over something.

I have a submaster with some dimmers on it.

If i pull the Submaster @40 (for example) and than add an absolute FX with 'Background->@+/20' (+20%), the background value is 0%. Not the Submaster Value (as expected).


If i start the FX first and than pull the Submaster, i can alter the runnning FX.

The Desk is than taking the Submaster level as Background Value.

Why? And is there a way around it?

We stumbled over it while doing a impro/busking scene.




ION Classic v2.9.1 built17

  • Hello,

    i want to add something.

    The FX i talked about was a AbsoluteFX.

    I tryed today a Relative(Linear)FX and it worked...

    Don't ask my why, but it did.

    I also noticed:

    If i pull my Sub, add the RelativeFX and than hit the Group/Assert Button of the Submaster, it will work as well.

    But the Group/Assert Button is only a bad work around, since the false-FX-action makes every channel 0 rather quick.



  • I was looking at this today in v2.9.1 and I agree the behavior you are seeing in terms of Sub is not background unless it is added after the FX is running-- but I am seeing the same behavior for relative and for absolute FX.  I also noted it occurs even when sub is set to Background DISABLE.
    I will see if I can find some time to test in v3.0.0 also-- but in the meantime do you have a file you can share with me with sub # and FX number?

  • Here we go.

    I supported you with Snapshot1 as well, wich has all you need to play on 1 Screen, if you like to...

    I made 3 FX. each one behaves different in the beginning. They are also labled.

    NoFX Bgr on Sub 2020-12-05 13-44-30.esf

    Hope it is clear and ok organised.

    Thank you in advance.



  • Thank you so much for all your time in helping us understand this.  We are writing this bug up for a fix in a future software release.