Fixture Request: Minnray 510a NDI Camera

I am looking to integrate control of installed PTZ video cameras into our Eos/Augment3d space. The intention is to be able to add cues into the stack that allow for camera position, video parameter control, etc to support programming and live streaming/capture of performances. With Eos controlling the position and video attributes of cameras a video switcher/streaming solution can use those sources more easily in a cue stack environment.

We're investigating options to convert DMX to Visca over IP (or other camera aware protocols) but need robust Eos support and control for the cameras similar to what's found with some of the more elaborate projector profiles.  The manual below has details on Visca commands which can be a guide to the control parameters needed in the profile.


  • Hi ,

    It looks like, according to the PDF provided, this camera is controlled by a protocol that Eos doesn't currently implement. If your request is for ETC to implement that protocol, that would be considered a feature request. If the camera in question does implement a protocol that Eos can speak (such as DMX, ArtNet, or sACN), please post a full manual that includes the address to parameter mapping and possible values for each parameter and we can work on getting a fixture profile built accordingly.

    It should be noted that in the case of the projector profiles that are listed, those projectors have implemented listening to ArtNet and/or sACN directly and those manufacturers documented that implementation in their manuals.