Moving light control


we recently installed new colorsource 40 AV console and we have 4pcs of Prolights Luma 1500 SH fixtures the programmer works well the problems started when I recorded some playbacks.

1. intensity - I recorded position and intensity parameters on playback button, when I bring up the playback fader slowly the 4th fixture have some delay, the same happens when I bring fader down 1. video. When I bring up intensity manually it works just fine 2. video

2. I cant understand is this is my understanding problem or desk. I have some recorded playbacks with movers, when I bring them up and turn them off the only thing whats switches off is intensity. When I press "clear all'' it does not switch the position off. The only way to get fixtures at home position is to go through parameter window and set everything to home.

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  • 1) Can you please send your show file and say which playback you see this with?

    2) Position is Latest-Takes-Precedence (LTP). Fixtures will stay where you put them until you move them somewhere else.
    This is the same idea as placing a chair centre stage. That chair will stay centre stage until somebody moves it!

    If you only turn the light on and off, this has no effect on where it's pointing.
    - Also, most of the time you don't want the light to move while it's fading up or down anyway.

    For Playbacks, there is a setting "Parameters on Playbacks: Bi-directional" that causes the playbacks to move the LTP parameters back when you bring them down. Turn that On if you want bringing a playback fader down to move the lights, instead of just turning them off.