OSC Patching?

Hi All,

Just looking for/wondering if it is possible to actually patch fixtures via OSC? I know you can send labels, text fields and such but the integration manual doesn't mention actual patching and my experiments using the CMD feature doesn't seem to work (Could be I am using the wrong command?). If it's not possible, is there anyway to send patch information remotely to EOS?

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  • You should be able to by sending command lines or keystrokes. Just make sure you're sending OSC as a user other than user 0 (which is the default). Once you set the user number >= 1, you should be able to change screens to patch and send command lines with the patch info.
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    i do patch through OSC sometimes using the command line. if you're in patch (eos/key/open_dmx_patch) sending the command /eos/cmd/VariLite/VL1000_AS/enter will patch the selected channel as varilite VL 1000 AS
  • Just to add to this, I have managed to patch using
    followed by

    this ensures that I am not relying on the patch screen being in a specific order before the patch is made - I can send this via a specific user to avoid disturbing the operator

    What I haven't worked out is a way to force patching channel first - /eos/newcmd/Chan/1/at/5 etc seems to throw an error...

    Ideas appreciated!
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