OSC Inconsistently Fires - From ION to OSCRouter to QLab(s)

Hey all,


I'm having a issue where OSC works inconsistently. From time to time, OSCRouter doesn't get the string it's looking for (the crucial "eos/out/event/cue/xx/yy). The best we've been able to reproduce this is by waiting longer than 5 minutes before firing the next light cues, causing the next OSC lined cue to not fire (lights fire, but Q Lab doesn't fire). Even this is not consistent.

I've attached a log file from OSCRouter, and scroll all the way to the bottom. The time code 21:15:54 is where OSCRouter failed to receive cue 7 in this case

Cue 7 didn't fire.txt

 A bit about our system. We're a small performing arts center, and this is in our main theatre.

The OSC Signal path is;

ION -> Q Lab Audio Computer - > Q Lab Video Computer

I'm using OSCRouter on both Macs, running Sierra and Q Lab 3.2.9, as OSC Translation. I've attached Screen shots of both OSC router setups.

All of these devices are on a stand-alone network dubbed "ShowNet." It is managed by a Luxul XWR1750 gigabyte wireless Router, but all the lines are cat5e with a 16 port gigabyte network switch. The wireless is for our iPad only.

ShowNet has all of our show related computers, lighting gear (Console, DMX nodes, & Dimmer Racks), Network Switches and 5 Projectors. Its about +25 devices on the network.


My working theory is that we have too many devices on ShowNet, and it is causing issues with UDP transmission. I would hate for this theory to be true, since it's fantastic to have all our devices on ShowNet.

Thank you all for any help or ideas you may have.

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  • Just to clarify what you are after:

    When Eos triggers a cue it triggers both the Sound and Video QLab systems which run on different computers with the same number as the firing eos cue?

    If so I would expect OSC Router to look like this:

    Although the loop back address works I would be more inclined to use the specific IP Address of the Audio Mac machine.

    I'm sure you're aware of QLab being able to send OSC messages directly from within the application. I would do that to send Eos the OSC messages from the Video Computer rather than going unnecessarily through OSC Router.

  • In reply to Sammy:

    Thank you very much for the response!

    "When Eos triggers a cue it triggers both the Sound and Video QLab systems which run on different computers with the same number as the firing eos cue?"

    Yes, and 98% of the time, this setup works.

    To clarify, the issue is that OSC Router doesn't always see the the needed "eos/out/event/cue/xx/yy/*" from out of the Ion. So both Q Lab machines don't fire at all when this happens.

    The extra loop backs are so that the either Q Lab machine can trigger the Eos if desired without needing to type the strings out or copy and pasting. I'm not the only one who uses this system (sometimes overhire, sometimes interns), so for ease of use this allows the user to use a standard Q Lab OSC cue, and only have to enter the number of the cue they wish to trigger.

    Thanks for letting me clarify!

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