Can someone elaborate how this works?


Version 2.6 adds support for third party MIDI over USB devices. In the ECU, you will need to enable their use in Settings>Local I/O>USB MIDI.

I activated it on my @5.  What devices/sources can I use to input midi over USB?

Or link a generic Midi interface I should look at?

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  • You can use any USB based Generic MIDI device. I've played with it and a keys/fader/button board. You need to configure show control to receive the messages. New show control list type network. New event MIDI string. This should get you to the MIDI event editing menu in the CIA where you can configure how it will respond to the type of MIDI message it gets. You then also need to configure the Action you want the message to trigger/control. Make sure you take advantage of the diagnostics tab(99) to see what messages the device you have plugged in transmits. I hope this helps you out!
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