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Does the OSC filter work? Tried following, but nothing happens. What is wrong?

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  • Have you tried sending the filter before the fader config command? (Also, are you sure you don't want to get the fader names as you map a bank of faders? :) )
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    I've send the filter after sending the fader config. Will try to do it before.
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    No change, it makes no difference if I send the message before or after the fader config message.
  • I may be mistaken, but I think the filter works in the opposite direction. Adding a filter results in only those messages you've specified. So by adding a filter "/eos/out/*" you're essentially asking eos to send only messages that start with /eos/out/.
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    I thought that was the subscribe function!?
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    Yeah it's a bit weird, but based on the #lightbox box_1 it would seem that the filter does work in the opposite direction.

    It has the following lines:


    // Add a filter so we don't get spammed with unwanted OSC messages from Eos
    OSCMessage filter("/eos/filter/add");

    Which seems to suggest that it filters out everything but /eos/out/param/* as it needs /eos/out/param/pan and /tilt.

    My guess is the subscribe function tells Eos to send a message whenever the subscribed parameter changes, where the filter stops it sending other messages.

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