Nomad, Reaper and loopBe1

Hi All,

I am trying to set up a time code project using my Nomad and Reaper.

Nomad 2.6.2 (win 10)

Reaper 5.1


Loopbe1 is a midi loopback software that should send and receive on the same PC

I need some help getting Nomad and Reaper to talk.

I have enabled usb midi in the shell and have other settings enables in show control

It seams that Raw MIDI is being received by Nomad from Reaper. This is after I press the playback button on Reaper.

But I cant get it to start the external time clock and then send back timing tags to Reaper

Any advice/help would be great.



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  • Hey Geoff,

    From looking at the Midi Raw, it looks like you're receiving Midi Control Changes from Reaper. These won't naively do anything within Eos unless you create an event list and dictate what those commands do. Here is an example of an event that would trigger macro 1 when I receive Raw Midi BF 07 7F.

    Could you explain a little more about what you are trying to set up. I'm unfamiliar with Reaper. I'm presuming you are trying to use Reaper to create a timecoded event list?

    Have you tried using an application called Stamp -
    With this application you can export a file specifically designed for eos which contains event list, cue and timecode information. This would mean you won't need to hack midi loopbacks and run 2-3 different applications to create a timecoded event and cue list?