Fixture parameter array via OSC?

Hi All,

What is the best way to get a list of an array for certain parameters for a fixture.

For example, A fixture has Colour select which contains Red, Green, Blue, Purple, etc colour slots. What's the best way to get retrieve the values of the colour select array using an OSC command? - Or are you able to get the current colour select value as a name not a number.

Currently, if I try and get a colour select value it returns a number and not a name. It would be awesome if I could get a same such as "Blue" or "Green".

I want this to extend so I can get data for things such as Colour modes, Prism rotations (CW, CCW), Gobo names, Gobo modes, etc

I've had a long look in the show control guide but nothing stands out to me as helping with my problem, so I've come here.

Thanks guys!