Changes between OSC support from 2.6 to 2.7

Hi all,

I've got a show which makes heavy use of OSC to update the show file when it is moved from venue to venue. The scripting to do this was developed against Eos 2.6, and has been working fine, but when we recently tried with 2.7, it seems to have broken.

/eos/newcmd messages seem to be being interpreted by the console in a different way with 2.7. For instance, when I send /eos/newcmd="Delete Cue 2/" the console seems to interpret that as "Delete Cue 0.3 Part 2 >> 2/"

Here's the relevant bit from the console logs:

2018 09 19 11:36:54:901 OnyxConsol [OSC Packet] /eos/newcmd, Delete Cue 2/(s)
2018 09 19 11:36:54:902 Key_Event  U:0: Clear_CmdLine 
2018 09 19 11:36:54:902 Key_Event  U:0: Delete Cue 2/ 
2018 09 19 11:36:54:903 Context    Syntax: Delete Cue 0.3 Part 2 >>2/ - Error: Syntax Error

Is there something I'm missing here - is there any way of formatting the OSC message so that the console doesn't try to interpret it in this way?

Most recently reproduced with 2.7.3 build 10 running as Nomad on Mac OS X, but we originally observed the issue on a real console.