2.7 SMPTE Clock not running on client


Had this happen on two separate rigs (also 2 separate show files) in the past few weeks. 

Rig 1: SMPTE Timecode into Show Control Gateway, EOS RPU Master, ION Client, Nomad Client

Rig 2: SMPTE Timecode into Show Control Gateway, Nomad Master, Nomad Client

When SMPTE Timecode is running, it will display and run correctly on the master console in the upper left corner. On the clients it will display the time stamp of what the clock read when it was synchronized with the master, but just stay there, regardless of the timecode running or not. Learning events from the client works correctly, and stamps the events correctly, but you can not tell if the clock is rolling or not because the clock stays static. Tested with MIDI Timecode and that displays correctly, so it seems to be isolated to SMPTE Timecode.