OSC Fader information with Ranges above 100%

When we send/receive OSC Fader information for time and FX Faders whose Range is above 100% we create some strange interaction.

Example Range 0 - 200%

We translate %200 as 1.000 = great.

I move the fader down to 50%

EOS does some math and then sends back 1.000 cause 50% of 200 is 100.

Move the fader to 25% and we send back 0.500 and the Fader jumps up to match.

Given the constraints of OSC - can we output 0.000 to 1.000 and just do the math on the EOS side?   That means we wont be able to display an accurate % on the OSC side - but the faders wont jump around like they do.

Also  - x2, x3 faders - Can we transmit the Fader Master assignment with the x2?    FX Rate, FX Scale, etc. Right now we just send "x2"

Thanks all