SMPTE input setup

I've used midi, osc and contact closures but not SMPTE. If our playback team has an audio track with TC, right channel audio, left TC can I just take that left channel with TC straight into my show control gateway?  Is there something else I should be aware of?  Should be 24fps and SMPTE standard.  I'm not worried about configuring as that is usually standardized by ETC, just worrying I'm missing something in the physical setup.  Anything I should be aware of like giving some frame buffers is also appreciated.


  • Hey,

    No there's nothing more to it really...

    - You may want to to run the internal underneath, for safety reasons

    - Eos only does 24,25 or 30, no drop frame. This is rarely a problem and only really would be if you were receiving SMPTE and using the internal clock as safety...

    - Be aware of the Resync Frames option found in Setup -> System -> Show Control -> SMPTE, Essentially this is the number of frames eos checks that are consecutive before accepting the time code is valid. 1 being no checking and 24,25 or 30 (depending on your incoming timecode framerate) checking a full second.