EOS Nomad to Show Cue System (SCS) for cueing via OSC. Need help setting up and operating

I want the EOS Nomad (or ION Console) to fire cues in the Show Cue System (SCS) software to start an audio, video output.

I am having trouble figuring out how to setup EOS and SCS up.  I have OSCrouter installed.

Then I need to understand how to get Nomad to send the OSC.

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  • I have go it working now. port 8000 was giving me the problem. That is the port OSCrouter listen to, not Show Cue System.

    Now is EOS I can add the following to a cue {Execute} {String} /eos/out/scs/cue/10 where 10 is the cue number  on Show Cue System (SCS) that I want to fire. I have left the cue conversion string in Setup OSC blank because I don't want the same cue in EOS and SCS to fire each time EOS fires a cue.

    If anyone has any questions about what I did, let me know.  I had to read between the lines (which there was none) to figure how to setup OSCrouter..