Switching off outgoing MIDI

Hi everyone,

in our setup (main console is a Ti with v. and a Gio in Backup-Mode) we receive MSC and send raw MIDI via a ShowControl Gateway, which works fine. But sometimes you need to shut it off, both ways.

For not receiving any MSC it is enough to turn off MSC rx (with a macro) but not for sending MIDI to the sound department, as their program doesn‘t understand MSC (btw. how do you send MSC in the first place as you can switch it off in setup, just wondering). Now the only way (I found) for not sending MIDI is to set the send-ID to 6, so the other software ignores the MIDI signals I‘m sending over. I know, this way is not very elegant, but was the only solution we found so far. 

I‘m open for new ideas if there are some!


  • As you've discovered, there's no master enable/disable control for MIDI Raw like there is for MSC.  The way I usually address this is by writing a macro to change the MIDI TX Source ID in Setup>System>Show Control>MIDI>Network.  I use 32 (or some other unused number) as my disable.

    That will prevent the console from sending any MIDI commands (MSC or Raw) since there is no gateway with an ID of 32.

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