USB MTC from Olab to Nomad

Hiya Everyone 

Iv been doing some testing trying to get MTC from qlab on my mac to Nomad running on my dedicated pc (win 10 pro) 

What USB midi devices are there that would allow this to happen.

I'm currently looking at getting 2 Midisport 2x2 are these going to work? 

i know the recommended is a gateway but this is for my home personal use when programing to backing tracks. 

cheers in advance everyone

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  • I think you may be making this hard for yourself as both qlab and Nomad can talk to each other on normal network connection between the two machines using OSC,   So no need for any midi devices etc.  unless I am completely missing what you are trying to do.  

    So just put an Ethernet cable between the two (or if its for home personal use it will probably work ok on wifi anyway)