Disable Explicit OSC Output

Hi all,

is there a way to disable the explicit EOS-OSC output?
-at least that’s what I think I want to disable; I mean the OSC output the desks automatically output once any key is pressed/ cues are fired/ …

As I need to connect light-/sound-/video- network I am a bit concerned of the used bandwidth plus I don’t need all that and it makes it easier to see the needed incoming messages in eg. Ableton Live.
I know I could send it to OSC-Router and just forward the messages I want, but that is not my favorite option as I need another program (that apparently needs to be always in the foreground)…
Sending a string and disable OSC output might also be an option, but as far as I know, it is then not recognised as OSC

Any help is appreciated ;D

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  • if you want to get rid of implicit OSC output (that's the one the console automatically sends) is to disable OSC in general i think. but i wouldn't worry about bandwidth being eaten up by OSC too much. as long as you only send it to one or two target IPs rather than the whole subnet, OSC will take a fraction of what ArtNet/sACN/Dante/whatnot will take