Disable Explicit OSC Output

Hi all,

is there a way to disable the explicit EOS-OSC output?
-at least that’s what I think I want to disable; I mean the OSC output the desks automatically output once any key is pressed/ cues are fired/ …

As I need to connect light-/sound-/video- network I am a bit concerned of the used bandwidth plus I don’t need all that and it makes it easier to see the needed incoming messages in eg. Ableton Live.
I know I could send it to OSC-Router and just forward the messages I want, but that is not my favorite option as I need another program (that apparently needs to be always in the foreground)…
Sending a string and disable OSC output might also be an option, but as far as I know, it is then not recognised as OSC

Any help is appreciated ;D

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  • While I haven't used Abelton for this, I have successfully used OSC to control audio playback on Show Cue System out of EOS.

    Instead of listening for a generic GO command, does your audio playback program allow for explicit specification of a target? That is to say, instead of just saying GO Next cue, saying GO Cue 12 or something?

    If you can, you can link it to a cue, macro, submaster...anything that will let you Execute a String command. 

    Programmatically speaking, if you explicitly target the cue you'd like to fire, you reduce the risk of your cue stacks getting Unsynchronized.

    For reference, on Show Cue System the OSC command was /scs/go/cue ,s "A12"

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