Luminosus - Fader Pages

Is there a way to get the pages on the default fader bank in Luminosus to change as the pages on Faders Tab 28 in Eos are changed?

I can manually change the page on the default fader bank in Luminosus to a different page, and then it properly controls the correct fader in EOS.

I can change a fader in Eos on the Eos faders (tab 28) , and I see the fader move in Luminosus, and I see OSC commands in the Eos OSC Connection monitor.

But when I change a page in the Eos faders (tab 28) no OSC message appears to be going into Luminious.

Also, It would be great if when I mchange the page on the fader bank in Luminious, the Eos faders (tab 28) changes pages also.