Nomad on a mac with Artnet internet on ethernet connection & wifi for internet


I'm using Nomad on a macpro with a USB ethernet adaptor and an artnet>DMX adaptor. It works great.

Does anyone know how I set up my mac so I can use wifi for internet at the same time? I can set which network takes priority in network settings, but I can't seem to force Nomad to use the USB network adaptor if wifi is set as the priority NIC, and setting the USB adaptor as 1st priority means that Chrome can't get onto the internet!

Not necessary for show running, but helpful during set up when it can be helpful to be able to look up fixture manuals etc!

Thanks for any pointers, Will

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  • For me if I switch off WiFi before starting Nomads and then once it’s connecting to the rig on the usb Ethernet I can turn on the WiFi and use Osc etc on WiFi. If the issue is just internet the. You just need I remove the default route from the USB adapter - if you need info on doing that come back and I’ll try it and give you the commands