OSC directly from back of console?

Hello all,

I’ve been using OSCRouter with an Ion to fire Qlab with resounding success at my venue, which has a lighting network. What about venues with an Ion that has hardline DMX out and no available lighting network? Can I plug my MacBook into the network ports in back of the console and still send OSC? I’ve tried it a couple times with a couple different network settings and didn’t get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks!


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  • The basic answer is yes.

    The challenges are getting the addresses correct (enabling dhcp potentially) etc.

    You may find the easiest option is to plug both the ion and the mac into the internal network side a standard home router with dhcp enabled and make sure its not enabled on the ION and then hopefully both the mac and ion will get addresses and netmasks that work with each other assigned by the home router.   The about screen on the ION shows the address its on which should be similar to the one the mac got eg 192.168.n.x. where the n is the same on both.

    Can give a fuller answer with exact setup and details but the above should just work,without you needing to really know what you are doing.

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