OSC - filters and subscriptions

I'm trying to find information about filters and subscriptions in OSC, and I can't seem to find it either in the console manual or the Show Control manual.

(As a side note - the latest Show Control manual is Rev C, from 2017.  Is that going to be updated?)


The lighthack code sends /eos/filter/add and adds /eos/out/param/* and /eos/out/ping.  Does that mean that only those messages will be sent?  Once the filter had been added, can it be removed or changed?  What kind of things can I filter on?  I tried /eos/out/* and that didn't seem to give me anything.


How does this relate to filters?  If I enable /eos/subscribe/param/pan will I get pan message without a filter?  Or do I need the filter too?  What kinds of things can I subscribe to?  I tried /eos/subscribe/param/color but got no /eos/out/param/color messages.  Is there a list of what parameters I can specify there?  Can I just subscribe to param/*?

I also noticed that although I never got a /eos/out/param/color message, I did get /eos/out/color/hs.  What's the diffrence between /eos/out/param/color and /eos/out/color?