Fixture profile incorrect: Arri L10C

there is an error in the personalities for Arri L10C: their footprint is too big. i know some arri products have "Reserved for future use" slots at the end, however the L-series does not, but still, the footprint is 4 addresses bigger than what's inside. L5c, L7c and L10c are all supposed to be identical. the parameters and such are fine, it's just the take up too much space...

haven't checked the other L10 variants like L10T, L10D or L10DT, but they might have the smae problem as L10C...

and since L5c, L7c and L10c are supposed to be identical, we should have the modes' names of L5 match L7 and L10 (L5 has P.001, the other two have M1)

need by: end of this week (Aug 4)! sorry to rush you, but since this seems to be a small change, i hope it can be done?

thx, ueli

  • Hi Ueli:

    I went to the Arri site and pulled up the manual for the L-Series and they do appear to be holding on to 4 extra addresses for future use.    Based on the information I found there it seemed that the number of addresses in the footprint do in fact line up.  Can you please share with me where you found information to suggest otherwise so that I may submit it?  

    Thank you,

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