Third party wings with Nomad

Hi all,

TL;DR: Poor uni student with Nomad dongle needs faders but cheap ones please so I can afford to eat.

First post, so hopefully not too stupid.

I have seen the lxkey [] for Nomad for about £300 (minus student discount) that looks like a decent alternative to the Ion programming wing despite not having the intensity wheel, but are there any more third party fader wings? As much as I'd like to, I just can't justify (or afford) to drop £1k+ on an official set of faders or a programming wing... :(

Firstly, does Nomad even support third party wings? (I'm guessing the lxkey can get away with it as it is effectively just a keyboard with some funky keymapping) If so do you have any suggestions for the cheapest you can find? If not, is there any kind of student deal for the wings?

As a bit of background I am a student at the University of Edinburgh. We have an Element in the student theatre here, so when I was tech managing a show in an external venue I opted to rent a Nomad with the 2x10 universal fader wing - I loved it so much that I ordered myself a Nomad with the (fab) student deal, although the wing is well out of my budget.

I'd like to build up a small collection of my own kit so I can learn it inside out and hopefully be able to turn up anywhere and have the core kit I need already with me. Also remote controlling an Element with Nomad running on my laptop from downstairs is fantastic for get-ins. (and kinda funny watching people in the tech box when stuff moves without them asking it to)


Rob :D

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