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Hi everyone, and Happy New Year!

I did a quick search and couldn't find this request being made previously, so pardon if it's a repeat--

It would be great to have a level wheel object we can drop into magic sheets, such as appears in the ML Controls tab, with the ability to assign them (and change via macro) to specific parameters eg. Group 6 Red or whathaveyou.  Being able to have dedicated tweak controls like that at the ready would be very useful, especially as a way to emulate the physical intensity wheel in Nomad.


Matthew Rohn
IATSE Local 52

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  • I'm trying to figure this out myself, this is more ideal than using intensity palettes IMO. Does anyone have a current work around?
  • In reply to Jesse Forney:

    You can put a fader in a MS and map a sub to it. The contents of the sub can be changed via macros.
  • Indeed, but a fader operates differently from a wheel of course.
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    The more I use a laptop at a tech table the more I want this feature. Sometimes what I program is off a little and with the console I grab the wheel and can correct easily. Every now and again i run my laptop as a client for space reasons and again I find the lack of the wheel frustrating. Is there any way that it can be either included as a MS item or be able to be assigned to the mouse scroll wheel or, and I know this would be a project, a midi controller?
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    When using Nomad, I use the intensity "wheel" in the ML display... not a wheel, but it does work. Better with a touchscreen and stylus than mouse. Easier now too with the popup in 2.6
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    I ran into this actually yesterday as an unexpected change of venue left me running a cut down version of the show from nomads instead of the ion.

    I added a couple of buttons to my magic sheet that I set as command and typed into one of them sneak .2 @ + 10 and the other sneak .2 @ - 10 so each time I press them it increases or decreases the intensity by 10 over 0.2 of a second
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