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How do I program my lights to pop on and off in different colors. I have 8 lights and I want various lights to come on in different colors at different times.  I am assuming that would be using step based effects? Can something like that then be turned on and off without using cues or do I have to preheat a cut for those lights... Can I busk it? Hope this makes sense. Can you also simply explain how macros are used and what they are?

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  • I think what I am referring to is a Chase effect. Can I busk that or does it have to be programmed in a cute? I think I found documentation on how to build the effect. Can I also create a Chase effect to move my intelligents? All I am seeing is color chases
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    Any effect can be assigned to a fader for busking. Chases are usually step based 'absolute' effects. Here is a short sheet on similar effects.


    You might also want to review the video and workbook on effects. I'm also a fan of the "Tea Break tutorials"

    https://www.etcconnect.com/Support/Videos/; (All the Eos family program the same way.)

    The more advanced 'relative' effects are great for intelligents. Try the built in effects as a starting point and modify them to suit your needs.

  • A macro is a user-defined string of commands that you can execute (play back) later with one command.  It's a simple but powerful function that dates back to the dawn of the computer age; essentially a macro is a simple program written in the platform's command language.  They're a way to reduce the time and button presses needed to do complex tasks.

  • So I tried to build a Chase effect with no luck. I followed the step by step tutorial and the only thing I managed to get were the fixtures turning on. I recorded 6 different color palettes, selected my 8 channels put them in a color [record][color palette][1]. Repeated for 6 different pallettes. Created a new absolute effect and set action 1 to cp1, action 2 to cp2, and so on. Went to my channels, applied the effect, and all they do is turn on one single color. I took a screen shot of what my effect build looks like. Is there a way to pay pictures here?
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    So I did some more digging and think I found my problem , haven't had the chance to try it yet. Under the level column I was putting in an intensity level and from what I see I should be putting my color palette in the level column, Hopefully be able to try it out again tomorrow.
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    Figured it out, I was not putting the color palette in the level column. From what I have been experimenting with, when recording a color palette, I am recording the palette for a specific set of lights. Color palette (red) recorded to group 2. That color palette is then only referenced to that group. If I want to use that color palette (red) on a different set of lights, can I? Do I need to record a new palette for the next set?
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    "re-usability" depends on fixture type. if it's the same type, you can make your color palettes into by-type palettes. if the other lights are a different type of what you already have in there, then you need to add data. to get a starting point you could go to Blind, select one or more color palettes (ColorPalette 1 Thru 8 Enter) and then do Chan 1 CopyTo Chan 11 Thru 15 Enter.
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    And one particular video that I found helpful is www.youtube.com/watch
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