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Just chasing a updated fixture profile for a Robe Robin 300 LED Wash - Mode 5 (37ch mode). The current one seems to have issues. Mover starts off on blue and the color mixer seems to be crossed with the strobe channel.

Need for a show in 2 days. I have an ETC Element


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  • Hello, NightRyder:

    Can you please tell us more about what is wrong with the current profile?
    Do you happen to have a fixture manual that shows the correct DMX layout? We would need this to fix the profile.
    Last but not least, do you know what software version you are running on your Element?

    Thank you,
  • Hi,

    Theres seems to be some incorrect channels. None of the individual color controls work. The color picker seems to scroll through all the different modes (color effects, strobe, etc). Basically it looks like incorrect profile.

    Heres a link to the manual for the Robe Robin 300 LED Wash.

    Our Element 40 is running OS Version

  • In reply to NightRyder:

    That personality was last updated in September 2016, which was during version 2.4.1, we're now in version 2.5.2.
    unless Sasha has a different solution this looks like you need to update your console software
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    No worries. I'll give that a try. I was under the impression that a tech updated the software last year, so don't know what happened there. No matter. Thanks!
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    ah, wait. is not an console software version, it might be the Eos version. what version do you see when you start the console and with an empty command line press [About]?
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    I'm with Ueli on this- we should find your correct software version and if you are behind then please update.
    After updating you might want to go into patch and patch these in a new show to test- as your old show will have a reference to the older version of the fixture profile.
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    I should add that based on the manual you provided the profile does appear to be correct in current software.

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    I haven't been onsite to check on our desk yet with the Element and updated software (will do later this arvo) but I've downloaded the pc based latest software. The profile is different to the one I have currently on the Element so I have no doubt the software is outdated.
    Can you tell me how the profile that you've built for 37ch works in terms of controlling the 3 rings? So there should be a master RGBW, then a separate RGBW for the 3 rings.
  • In reply to NightRyder:

    If you have current software, but an old showfile, there would be the old version patched. There is a Update Lib softkey in Patch > Fixtures.

    Currently you get all the LEDs controlled as one zone. If you want to use the rings you would have to edit the personality. There are basically two methods:

    Either you use one channel that has a set of RGBW for ring 1, then R2G2B2W2 for ring three and R3G3B3W3 for ring three. Only ring one can be controlled by the color picker.

    Or you break the personality into multiple channel, the first has pan tilt zoom and other general stuff, the second has RGBW for ring 2 and a third channel for ring 3. Color picker works on all three rings

    Both methods have their pros and cons.
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