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I have a 24 key Xkeys, that I would like to set up for the designers table for use with the RVI. I can find ETC software on the 58 key and up versions, but none on the 24 key. Is there a version out there specifically designed for the 24 key? 

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  • Xkeys has a program for creating the templates. You can use the 58 key version and cut and paste it to the smaller version. Or just use it as a guide.
    I did this for an Xkeys 24 for my Cobalt system.
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    All I found when downloading the template for the K-Keys was a glorified spreadsheet that was hard to alter. It did not contain any programming. When I used the macroworks programming to edit every button, none of them worked as the shortcut keys I programmed them to be. What am I missing to use the X-Keys for the RVI?
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    there was a big hotkeys change in 2.3, so you would have to make sure that the list you're programming it from matches the software version of your RVI
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