Ion is bleeping at me when I touch the desk...

Running a rehearsal this evening and part-way through the Ion occasionally bleeped at me... 
After the talent had disappeared I investigated, and oddly it bleeped whenever I either moved the Ion itself or even lifted the desk it sits on slightly. My first guess will be a loose connection somewhere, and will take it apart in the next day or so when time permits, but any ideas what it might actually be that's loose?

There doesn't seem to be any obvious effect on the running of the ion, and there are no apparent errors appearing on the screens at all - but it is a little disconcerting.


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  • Can't say I've heard of this one. I know that some models of touchscreens have a "beep" setting where they'll make a sound anytime they see a touch. As for internal devices - no particular device comes to mind that could cause this.

    Feel free to give your local ETC Tech Services office a shout should you have questions while you're in there, or should it persist. We may want to take a look at it on the repair bench when a good opportunity arises.
  • In reply to Hans.Hinrichsen:

    Laughing at myself now...
    Came in early this morning to have a better look before the next rehearsal and couldn't make it bleep erroneously at all... So thought it must have been a simple hiccup... Until I moved the house phone which was sat next to the touch screen... The corner of the phone just contacted with the screen and voila! Bleep bleep bleep!!
    Oh well - glad it was a simple human error and not a real desk issue.
    Thanks for the reply anyway.
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