Losing Non Intensity Parameters

Hello, I've been plotting a Cue heavy show for the past week with 12 moving heads and on a number of occasions have lost all NIPs from most (sometimes all) of the cues. Intensities stay as they are but all other data is gone.

Would be nice to know what I'm doing wrong (or if the desk is playing up) so I can avoid this in future.


I suspected I may be tracking out from copied Cues

ie Cue 0.5 Copy_To 252, Blind Cue 252, Move instructions with no Intensities At Enter (such as mark info that gets copied as well)


Working on an Ion (XP) and I think we're running Eos 2.5.2 (will check all this when I get back to work) 

Can send show files if need be


Any help appreciated as this is a programmers nightmare.

Thanks in advance

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  • are you in Cue Only or in Tracking mode?
  • In reply to Bartfly:

    When you copy the cue, like in the example you mentioned, is cue 252 the last cue? If not, you might want to consider copying in cue only mode: Cue x CopyTo y QOnly Enter
  • In reply to Bartfly:

    I managed to recreate the disaster....
    But I'm pretty sure it's not the correct behaviour. (we are running 2.5.0 though, so maybe this has been addressed already)

    After copying the opening preset to the end preset, I then marked the channels in the ending.
    After doing this, I'd lost all NIPs for said channels from the opening preset onwards.

    It's maybe noteworthy that the scene was copied too, but as all I'd done was re-mark offending fixtures, this really shouldn't have happened.

    Curious indeed!!!
  • In reply to ueliriegg:

    It was the last cue yes, otherwise I always append the Cue_Only instruction, I get how tracking works.

    It was either a scene thing, or a Mark thing, or a buggy thing, which may be just a 2.5.0 thing...

    I will now always check, but to be safe I GoTo 0.5 then Record 252

    I'm also now doing a save after most Cue updates (I can't go through that again)

    Cheers Ueliriegg
  • In reply to Bartfly:

    Ah, if you are running 2.5.0, then this is a defect that was fixed in 2.5.1. The latest 2.5 patch is 2.5.2 though, so I would just upgrade to that.

    Until then it sounds like you know how to avoid it. The defect was:
    RND 0039964: Copying first mark cue in list to later cue can remove all previous NI moves in cuelist
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