Setting fade time for a palette button

We have set up a bunch of useful colors and different fixure groups as a magic sheet. So when I click on the [Group xy] and then on palette button [amber], they instantly switch to amber. Now i need some way to override this zero-timing by tap-time or a time I can enter, but I cant figure out how to do this.

Ideally, I'd would like to have a couple of buttons [0] [1/4] [1/3] [1/2] [1], that hold status and modify the timing in fractions of tapped timing with 0=instantly and 1=tapped timing. So when I click on [1/2] in a 60 bpm-setting, the command [Group xy] [Cyan] should fade the selected group to cyan in 0.5s.


Any help appreciated.


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  • Tap tempo is for effects, but changing a color isn't an effect, so you need a different approach. You have two options:

    Use Sneak. Press the button Sneak before the color palette object in your magic sheet. Group 1 Sneak ColorPalette 2 (Enter).

    Use the manual timing. In setup, desk, manual control you can find five different category timings, one for each parameter category. If you change the time for the color category, go back to live, Group 1 ColorPalette 2 Enter will use this time.

    Changing both the Sneak and the manual category times can be learned into a macro. So you could have buttons on your magic sheet to change those timings and afterwards use one of the two methods to fade the groups to a new color.
  • In reply to ueliriegg:

    Setup color-time just accepts absolute times, I need some way of setting it to relative timings like (for example) 0.5 x current_bpm. The same applies to sneak.

    What I want is tap-in the beat and select, if the color change happens on beat [1] or on a fraction (or multiple) of it.

  • In reply to rhavin:

    There is nothing like a general BPM. BPM is tied to an effect and what you're doing is not an effect. Don't think you can do that.
    Besides the speed the console would need to understand which tap is best one within a measure. The console can't do that, there is no sound input
  • In reply to ueliriegg:

    "The console can't do that, there is no sound input"

    Thats why I'd tap it in. I'd also do that if there was a sound input, because as a musician, I know what is beat and what is syncopic offbeat. I would be very impressed if any computer could do that correctly :D

    "There is nothing like a general BPM"

    well, i could live with something like (pseudocode)

    "Sneak Time {BpmFromEffect(100) * 0.5}"

     With Effect 100 just an effect i'd use to save the bpm.

  • I tried to see if I could create multiple effects that run at different speeds and learn the same BPM into all of them.
    Learning a BPM into different effects just gives the error "Error: not valid for multiple targets".

    You can however, if you know the exact BPM, change the BPM in blind for multiple effects. Then you can have different color changes with different speeds. Make absolute effects that change color with stop and hold times. In order to have the times be different, make some with intermediate steps.

    For example:

    Effect 1
    Step Time Red Green Blue
    1 1 100 50 50
    2 1 100 0 0

    Effect 2
    Step Time Red Green Blue
    1 1 100 0 0

    (It won't let me paste tab characters but you get the idea.)

    Make effect buttons on your magic sheets for the effects.
    In live, run an effect you don't care about on a channel that isn't being used.
    Learn the BPM for that effect and it will tell you the BPM in the CIA - let's say it's 60.
    Go to the blind effects tab and type
    Effect 1 thru 2 BPM 60 Enter

    If you select multiple effects with your mouse and try to change the BPM, it won't work. This is a bug.

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