Color Path for a group of fixtures in one single Cue?


there is this nice feature Color Path for fading colors between two cues. It would be great to use this tool for a group of fixtures within one cue, for example to have a colorfade on a cyclorama. Is there a way to do so?

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  • i'm not sure i understand. every channel can have it's own color path in each cue.

  • Well, that's clear so far.
    Example: 40 Units on a Cyclorama from left to right, I want a fade from warm left to cold right. Of course it is possible to choose Color on each unit, but the Color path tool has nice features...
    I tried 1 thru 40 hue XX thru XXX , but of course it is a straight line on the Colorpicker, also using fan. So I thought, the Color path Tool would be nice for this...

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  • Hey,

    Have you try selecting your cyc lights in the cue, then press [softkey 4] then choose your gel path from one of the pre made gel paths. 2 is great from going from one color to another without going through others.

    When your happy with the gel path displayed in the color picker Hit Update enter to update the cue.

    I just tried it out. It looks like it only effected the channels selected in the cue I wanted