Eos v2.6.0 available for Beta


We are working on the next version of Eos, v2.6.0.  We believe that this code is ready for a wider audience to have a look, and so you are invited to join the Open Beta process.  The software is still actively under development, which means there is some risk associated with the code, but we believe it is minimal, and we always try it out in-house before pushing out to a wider audience.  

The easiest way to join the Open Beta is to follow this link:


You will see a banner that reads "This group requires membership for participation - click to join": 

Clicking on that bar will automatically sign you up - no waiting on approvals from us.  From that point, you will see the Eos 2.6 Feedback forum in the general topics forum.

If you get an error message like this:   please try signing out of the forums, then signing back in.

The latest build of 2.6.0 can be downloaded from the Eos v2.6 Feedback forum.  Any commentary from your experiences with the v2.6.0 software should be noted there.  Please be aware that the nature of Beta testing is that there may be a new build every few days, so you should be willing and prepared to keep up with the latest posted software on the Beta forum.  Oftentimes, issues that are reported in the forums may be fixed within just a few days.

Also on the Feedback forum you will find a post called "Sticky Show List."  If you download and use v2.6.0 on a show, please take a moment to note it there.  This helps us get an idea (together with the private beta forum) how much use v2.6.0 has had in the field prior to release.   

Your help is much appreciated.  We know the word 'Beta' can be scary.  But we hope you'll find that the improvements we're working on make the risk palatable.  

All the best!  And thank you on behalf of the development team.