2.6 Snapshots - Live Table + Live Summary tabs getting confused

Hi there:


I'm having an issue in 2.6 on an EOS Classic wherein the desk is getting confused about having two tabs of the same type between shutdown and startup the next day.


So I have Tab 1 as a summary sheet, Flexi-All, in 100-channel mode, on Monitor 5.  I also have Tab 1.2 as a table, Flexi-Selected, on Monitor 3.  This is part of my basic "home" snapshot that I sit in most of the time, and after recording the snapshot it works fine.

When I come in the next day and start up the console, however, Tab 1 has adopted all of the display settings of Tab 1.2 and moved to Monitor 3, leaving Monitor 5 blank.  If I recall the snapshot that I recorded the day before, it will give me this wrong snapshot.  The preview in the snapshot drop-down will be 'correct,' though.

Unfortunately I can't shut the console down repeatedly to see if I can recreate this issue with other tabs.  I don't know if this'll happen if I had multiple PSDs, for example.  As of right now I have to re-write my basic snapshot every morning.