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I am often sitting in the auditorium using a nomad PC to a) control the rig & b) look at cues and channels etc. Using the Nomad is fine and I do like the relatively simple networking & user set up to make this happen.

I often assign myself a different number user so as not to interfere with the main console. Due to being a different user number,  I am getting frustrated at not being able to see the changes that the op has made. My user level/screen will not show the manual changes that they have done. Depending on the speed & number of changes required, I may end up asking the op what are the levels now at etc. Just looking to speed up my response times etc.

Is there a way to view the live/primary channel screen whilst the Nomad is set up as different user? I often do some of the plotting work/fixes at the same time the op is using the console. Being the same user is not practical etc.

I am sure there is a way to achieve this but I cannot seem to find the way.


My screen is normally set to Channel Flexi Active and Cue playback.

An RVI is not something that I will have access too.



Many thanks in advance.



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  • are your users partitioned? i'm sure i usually see other users' manual channels when i'm not partitioned
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    Hi Ueli

    I never bother with partitioning as my shows are just not that big....

    I have not had to link in as a client for a while but the last couple of times I have done this, I have been stumped by not being able to tell what manual values the channels were given.

    My set ups are straight forward with my Nomad PC being a client view with a different user number in the set up.

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    I´m not shure if I´m missing something but isn´t that exactly what the client is made for? Working together on the same show seeing what the others are doing (even without a "small dongle"). Of course different users to not share one command line.

    Cheers Paul
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    Hi Paul

    You are correct as in that the client mode is functioning as expected. I am wondering is there a way when set up as a client that you can view manual changes being made by the op as well as allowing the client some control over the rig?
    Maybe this could be a feature like the really nice option to view past & future channel views?

    Or this is just because I use my set up thid way...??
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    either i'm missing something, or something with your system is not working as expected. i do see other users' manual data...
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    I have not done this in a while and it will be a few weeks before I can check this.

    To confirm, I generally log in as a client to the primary and assign myself a random number.
    Primary being User 1 whilst I am User 67 etc.

    I will check this as it has been a while and this may have changed as a behaviour and I am unaware of this.

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    working on the master (user 1) with a backup (user 99) and a client (user 5). i'm very certain that on the master i can see the manual values from the backup. and there is nothing that should behave differently from a client...
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    Something is weird with your setup, just checking you're using a wired network?

    Other users Manual changes should be displayed in active channels and they will be displayed in a deeper/darker red to your manual changes.

    You could make a Magic sheet which has a Command Line from the primary. Then change your display into a split frames and then shrink it down to the MS, so you just see there command line in a frame above your command this will help you see then you are typing.

    Also check you channel display is at the top of the channel selection. For example if you select channel 200 which pages your display so channel 200 is the first displayed channel. If the primary user changes channel 1 your display won't page up again to display channel 1, you will need to do the display changes. This is only a problem is you have more then 1 page of channels and you've page down at some point. Hope this make sense.
  • I had a similar issue a while back. Made two macros to change user number. When I needed to follow the op I used their user number and when I wanted to work on my own ran the other macro.
  • We have a 3 way split in the screen, Left side = channel display, top right is PSD and bottom right is manual channels flexi mode. This allows you to easily see what the OP is working on even if you look at a different portion of channels. It works quite well for us.
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