Update Ref_Only Bug

I asked this on facebook:

Anybody else experienced the problem that when updating reference only on a movinglight with blades it´s not updating all of the shutters?
I had it a couple of times and started to avoid updating presets but cannot recreate every time. Seems random to me so far and only on the blades.
I´m in a cue do corrections to a preset and update (default is "Make Absolute"/"Last Ref"/"Break Ref" and I change to "Ref Only" for that) that seems to work in the first place but in some collums I keeps hard values but no more option for a Ref-Update.

And another user replied:

I have the same problem often, what I end up having to do is re-record the beam pallet, rather than just update it. Pretty frustrating sometimes. I've only ever seen this oddity on shutters. Zoom, edge, iris etc... all behave as expected.

I´m on TI, 2.5.2 and noticed it only on Shutters as well...

Thx in advance!

  • Is there a reason why your default isn't update All?

    99% of my updates are update All when plotting, I do use Ref Only a lot if I'm doing board notes and never have a problem.
    If you have the time, the next time you run into this. Undo all the changes and check all the shutters are stored in the preset or palette.

    If this was a problem I'm sure a lot of people would be running into it.
  • In reply to Nick Simmons:

    Hej Nick,

    my default has been Update-All in the past but for me Make-Absolute is safer ´cause most of the time I´m operator not designer and most of our corrections we are doing during rehearsals and often I get a standby and we´re going on doing corrections till the go and then my designer says "update and go".

    In situations like that and in general when you´re not that carefull (probably forget to sneak a mover you adjusted and then killed the dimmer or so) I prefer to get hard values into my cues then having damaged presets.  So that´s why...


    I think Ueli clarified what I was doing wrong on facebook:

    Ueli Riegg:
    you wouldn't happen to home certain shutter parameters while adgusting them?

    Paule Pansen
    No. They are red and different to their home values...

    Ueli Riegg
    yes, but in the process of refocussing, did you home them so you can start from a clean slate?

    Cameron Nicholls
    I understand where you are coming from. Homeing the shutter breaks its reference out of the preset or beam pallet. But often even just tweaking an angle or thrust doesn't update.

    Paule Pansen
    Ahhh, i can't confirm what Cameron says. I am using the home on single shutters from time to time 'cause it can be a pain to bring them completly out via encoders but i wasn't thinking about breaking the reference :O
    But Cameron you are shure that happens without homing?
    I'll try to recreate...
    THX Ueli!

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