Incorporate generic spreadsheet in EOS?

Hi, folks. I'm currently programming (ION) on a Hulu series in the Boston area, utilizing three stages. I keep a computer next to my console. I use it for internet access, of course, but another function is that I keep an Excel spreadsheet open containing constantly changing misc. show data, rack and patch changes, cabling notes, equipment notes, current and future scene and set info, and troubleshooting notes. What would it take to incorporate a basic generic spreadsheet into EOS? Similar to Magic Sheets, one could have multiple sheets and open a sheet in a tab. I would want it to be completely blank and configurable to start, so I could assign any row/column info and size that I would want. Anyone else have interest or use for this?

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  • Respectfully, IMO this is a terrible idea. Consoles are closed, dedicated systems for a very good reason. Adding functions which are not directly related to creating or running a show will add processing overhead and introduce potential bugs, for the questionable benefit of kludging in what would necessarily be inferior versions of software you already have on your laptop, while diverting ETC's development resources away from improving the core product. Running note-taking and other housekeeping programs on a separate computer means I can switch between running the show and taking notes (or testing out stuff on nomad offline) without either task interrupting or interfering with the other.
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    If you're running on a Mac maybe you should look at this.
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    Understand your pov. Though the demands placed on a system by a simple spreadsheet would be low. It could be little more than a way of organizing all the text data about channels, cues, etc., that's already built into the software.
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    If the development team drew a line in the sand with the current planned features / things on the list and just worked on them, I think it would be 5 years before they got through them all.

    Adding software features which are already serviced by other dedicated software is a quicker solution. Daily I'm using Lightwright, Moving Light Assistant, Wonderlist, excel, email, dropbox etc etc.
    Although I'd love ETC to take lightwrong and make a far better version, I'd prefer them to take the development time and work on making lighting quicker and easier.

    Sorry to be a downer on a idea but software like Stamp, wonderlist maybe better solutions in the short and long term.
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