WYSIWYG 2-way console communication

Will EOS Family Consoles allow 2-way console communication with WYSIWYG?  Thinking of back in the Day with Expression Emphasis, could I select 30 lights on my console, and then click the mouse at a point on the stage in the PreViz and have all the lights go instantly to that point live on stage. Wondering if it is possible on an ION if using WYSIWYG software?

  • FYI - I talked to WYSIWYG people.
    "The answer is yes, this is possible, but, at least for the time being, the functionality is not available with the ION console.

    WYSIWYG makes use of a proprietary protocol called AutoFocus, which can do exactly what you describe. That’s not all though: in addition to sending fixture selection information to the console, WYSIWYG’s Live Designer Tools can be used to send fixture control information to the console.. in other words, you can select the fixtures, turn them on, pan and tilt them (to a specific/exact Focus Position), AND change their colour (by mixing or colour wheels or both), gobo, prisms, iris and zoom. … And if the console was connected to a live rig, this control information would be output (in real time, of course) to the fixtures and they would react in real life the same as they would on the computer running WYSIWYG.

    In addition to this, WYSIWYG also features the proprietary AutoPatch protocol, which provides a means to upload the fixture patch from WYSIWYG to the console. This, of course, eliminates the need to patch multiple times (both for the initial patch and if patch changes are required, of course).

    I mentioned that these protocols are proprietary. This means that they can only work when they are built into a proprietary connectivity driver, built with the SDK that we provide to console manufacturers as part of our Registered WYSIWYG Developer program. Unfortunately, while ETC is part of this program, they have not yet created such a driver, choosing instead to rely on sACN for output to WYSIWYG for previsualization purposes—which brings us back to what I stated in the first paragraph above, i.e. that all this IS indeed possible, but cannot be done with the ION console."
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    Hey Chad,

    The problem with implementing this is that it's just useful for one product. ETC integrated OSC (Open Sound Control) specifically for applications like this - it lets them open up the console and not link it to just one system - which in my opinion is development time well spent.


    I've asked Cast about implementing OSC - and, well, never got a response. It would even let their system work with more consoles...


    Personally I'd prefer ETC spend the dev time on developing Eos features instead of working on something that not many people will use when there's already a system to make it work in place.



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    This is on my wish list already for a long time. Somehow on both the ETC side and the Cast Lighting (Wysiwyg) side there seems to be a game of who blinks first going on... For me this is an essential feature for preparing shows that are tight on schedule.
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    The feature list on the Eos teams plate is the size of a small restaurant.
    Adding this feature benefits Cast way more then it does ETC so you should be putting the pressure on them and not ETC, they could add this feature using OSC.
    You are also paying them a fee each year to use WYG, Eos updates are for free and benefit every user.

    This may get added to Eos at some point but your not going to see it anytime in the next 5-10 years is my bet.
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