ION control of motors

I have an ION console and was wondering how i might control some stepper motors. 

I have a control board with 5pin input and a unipolar 6wire stepper motor.

The board needs two channels one to spin the motor and one to turn power on.

Is this even possible, can i create my own "fixture" and edit how the dmx is used?

Other odd things are that within the "spin" channel it needs inputs 0-127 to be one direction 128 to be stop and 129-255 to be opposite direction.


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  • to create a personality that does that is no problem.

    - Go to patch, {Fixtures}, {New}, [Label] (enter the name you want, like "stepper motor")
    - click {Edit}, {New}.
    - you now have two rows. first row says Intens, click the word Intens. this lets you choose a parameter name, e.g. "Spin"
    - repeat with the parameter Pan, and maybe choose e.g. "Relay".
    - in the column DMX you can choose which address within that personality controls which address of the function, so either you have 1 in the top row and 2 in the bottom row or vice versa.
    - use the arrow keys to navigate to the Spin row. press {Ranges}
    - {New}, {New}. this gives you three rows
    - for the first in the columns min/max you enter 0 and 127, in the second row 128 and 128 in the third row 129 and 255.
    -those are the actual dmx values that the console will output. since those are not "nice" numbers to the human eye, you can choose to see different numbers, those go into the UserMin/UserMax columns, e.g. top row: -100 and -1, middle row: 0 and 0, bottom row: 1 and 100
    - {Return}, {Return}, {Return}
    - now patch it to a channel number and have fun playing around with it :)
  • In reply to ueliriegg:

    That worked perfectly,
    Thank you so much!
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