Cues won't merge from show file to show file

Hello. I am on an eos classic and am trying to merge cues from one show file into the other. The issue is that when I select the cues and press okay the desk tells me that the merge has happened but noting is being merged between files. I've never had this issue and am stuck as to what could be causing it. both show files have been created in 2.6 and the desk is running on 2.6.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • and you are trying to merge from the showfile you select in the browser into the currently loaded showfile, rather than merging cues from the current showfile to the one you select in the browser, right?
  • Are you in advanced merge? If so you need to specify the cues. If not it should work if you merge cues into your current show.
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    Correct that is what I was trying to do, I went into the browser selected merge, selected the file I wanted to merge from using advanced to select the first 16 cues from that file and put them at the end of the current show file. We managed to get it to work in the end by doing it on a laptop offline but I found it odd that the eos wouldn't let us do it
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