trouble IRFR can't connect to console

Hi I have the IRFR app on an Iphone, I have set everything well as IP adress and name of the console ... On my Element it says that the console is online and the DCHP is enable but the app persist on showing my console as unavailable connection and a red rectangle on top of the app window shows Remote disconnected  ???


Have any ideas ? 


Thanks !

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  • does the Element run software versio 2.6 or later?
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    no Should I upgrade ?
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    to use the current version of the remote app you will need at least 2.6, current release is 2.6.1. for older software you will need to use an app that's called "iRFR classic", it's free.

    the Element consoles get a lot of new functions with 2.6. which of course is great :) but it's not something you should do half an hour before load-in or tech. together with the 4 years of missing updates you should prepare yourself by downloading the Manual Supplement 2.6 from the product page for your console type on the ETC website. it explains all the changes that have happened over the years. and then, when you feel familiar with the changes it's time to update.
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    Great thanks for the advice ! I will download the manual supplement before updating !

    Have a nice day !
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