Eos family v 2.6.0. output upgrade for ION

Hello everyone,
I just have a question about the new Eos family version 2.6.0 and the new output upgrades. I have an ION s.n. 433201381 (probably with a XP) with 1024 outputs, and I have read that with the new 2.6.0. version we have now 3k (6x512) outputs unlocked. My question now is - are the new outputs added for free and do I have to buy the four port gateway because the console has two univerese outputs?
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  • it's not true that all consoles get unlocked to the max. what's really happening is this: if you bought an upgrade code for your Ion before 2.6 came out, (so you didn't have 1024 but maybe 1536 or 2048 addresses), your console will get unlocked to its maximum (which for an XP Ion is 3k). if you never needed more outputs and thus never bought an addition, your console will stay at its basic output (which for an XP Ion is 1024).
    which console has which basic and which unlocked capability is detailed in the Release Notes to 2.6 which can be downloaded from the product page for your console type on the ETC website.
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    Thank you for your reply.
  • To answer the second question: No. If you unlock your console you can send data to any device that accepts SACN or artnet.
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    ... Or even if you don't unlock it. Any device that accepts SACN or art-net will accept data.
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