Colour Changing Buttons on Magic Sheets

Hi All,


Just a quick one, working on a Gio - I have a 'control' style magic sheet with buttons to lamp on, turn midi receive on all the usual stuff. Is it possible, that for example when I hit the 'midi receive on' macro button on the MS, it changes colour to signify that is turned on for the operator during the run? I'm sure I have seen this done before I just can't seem to find a way to do it.


Thanks in advance, Matt.

  • there are two workarounds (second one probably preferred)

    - a dummy channel that get's moved to 100 or to 0 in your macro. next to the macro button in magic sheet you have another object that is linked to that channels intensity.

    - create two color palettes, one has a dummy channel in red, the other one has the same channel in green. let's say they are CP 901 and 902. in your switch on macro you copy the green CP to CP 900, in your switch off macro you copy the red CP to CP 900. in your magic sheet you add an object that shows CP 900 and is linked to color.

    the advantage of the second workaournd is that youw will not create channel level that could mistakenly be recorded into cues and then when played back would cause false readings on your indicator.
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