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Is there any way to copy color palettes from one channel to another?  I've made all my palettes by type and the palettes include both the old type and the new fixture type.  When I copy from old to new type all the intensities transfer nicely, the color becomes hard values and the palettes are not copied over.  Help!?

  • It may be better to think of it as adding a channel to a by type color palette instead of copying a color palette to a channel.

    In Blind, edit the color palette using chan x copy to chan y, where y is the new channel. Then reapply the by type parameter to change chan y from discrete information to a by type value.
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    Yes, I have copied the color values within each palette and reapplied by type to that fixture type within the palette. What I was wondering is, can I copy color palette programming in the cues from one channel to another? Right now, chan x copy to chan y copied absolute color values instead of copying the color palette over. So I have to go thru the show and manually tell chan y to be at the color palette.
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    i'm not seeing this...

    i made a showfile with two types of color mixing fixtures. i made 3 color palettes with Type A in three different colors. i copied A's values to B in all the color palettes. the color palettes are by type and the first channel of both types is a by type leader channel.
    i have 3 cues. Type A has CP1 in Q1, CP2 in Q2 and CP3 in Q3. i go to blind, select all the cues and then type A CopyTo B. and now the B channel shows the references to color palettes.

    what am i doing differently than you?
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    This is really encouraging! I am going to start with a blank show file and try exactly what you detailed and get back to you
  • My guess is that you have color palettes set to Always Absolute. In the color palettes tab, you can use {Absolute} [Enter] to toggle this setting on and off.
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    Thats a really helpful suggestion but my color palettes are not set to always absolute unfortunately.
    In response to ueliriegg, I was able to open a new show file and copy color palette info from one device to another successfully. Not so with my original show file. I've attached it here in case anyone can help see if it's a setting I have gotten wrong. I tried changing update mode to "All" but that didn't affect it.
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    For those following along, I just got color palettes to copy by clicking soft key "DMX". Not sure I understand what this means or why it worked. is this a toggle button like absolute?
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    For those following along, I just got color palettes to copy by clicking soft key "DMX". Not sure I understand what this means or why it worked. is this a toggle button like absolute?
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    can you point out which channels you're trying to copy? i went to blind, randomly selected Cue 36 in your showfile and copied channel 112 successfully over to 1112...
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    Yes, I'm trying to copy 1112 thru 1129 to 112 (thru 129) and have color palettes go with. The only way I've been able to do that has been with the following syntax: Cue 1 > Enter. 1112 > 1129 copy to 112 DMX enter.
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    found it :)

    let's do this with a single channel instead of a range, it behaves the same but i get to type less ;)

    1112 copyTo 112 Enter. takes everything in 1112 and tries to put it in 112. enter the cultprit: White. your white is set at 100, it's not included in CP4. so Eos thinks it needs to adjust for that. so it takes the color of 1112 (RGBW) and tries to make sure that the overall color stays the same. but that means it needs to change RGB of 112.

    the 3 way around that:
    - you found one of them, the softkey DMX. when copying color the way to circumvent Eos' color conversion algorithm is adding the softkey DMX. so now no need to adjust and you get the copy of the parameters, which happens to be CP4.
    - you specify while copying that only RGB should be taken into account: 1112 Red Green Blue CopyTo 112
    - the most thorough way is this: make sure White is included with it's proper amount in all color palettes. make sure that all cues don't have absolute numbers of White anymore but rather a reference to the respective color palette. now if you copy from 1112 to 112 the console will understand that you want to copy the whole group of color parameters to another group of color parameters, even if both groups don't contain the same parameters. (now that you have white included in your color palettes you should copy the color data within the color palettes from 1112 to 112 again, to make sure that the white gets taken into account...)

    does this help?
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    This is SUPER helpful, thank you. Given my desire to have the look of the color remain the same in the new unit type (Mac Aura XB) from the old type (Wybron Cygnus RGBW), what is the best way to copy info from old to new within color palettes so color is most similar. What I got from your instructions was that I'm missing a very important part of my old color info (white) and this is being left behind when i copy to new type Mac Aura XB. I do see however that Hue Sat values are transferring exactly from old to new type, so perhaps I'll be ok? I understand that I may need to remix some of the palettes for perceived differences between colors, but I'd like to get as close as possible. Thank you so much for talking me thru this.
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    one part of the challenge is the Mac Aura. it has a color calib setting. if this is On you don't get discrete control over the white parameter. so part of the equation is what the mac does with the color info and this we can't know.

    you could leave it like what you have in your showfile now. if you see with the first color palette that the color is off you could type Chan 112 RecallFrom 1112 Enter and decide if you like it better. if so, type Chan 112 Update CP 4 ByType Enter. maybe even learn at least the update command line into a macro, so you can update quickly and don't forget to do a ByType update...
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    Thank you so much for your input and help. Will do.
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