Shut Down at the End of the Day?

Because I can't find anywhere in the manual as to what ETC might recommend in this world. People I've worked under have told me that it is better to keep the console on and cover at the end of the day as startup/shutdown every day is not great for the electronics, and also because dust is highly unlikely to collect in a computer if the fans are running. Other places I've worked have simply taken to shutting down at the end of the day because they always did it that way. Not shutting down also has the added benefit of time functions. Is there a better practice for this or does it not matter either way?

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  • I was always of the school of never covering equipment that is running.
    If electronics are on, they need air to keep cool.
    Putting a hat on them seems like a bad idea.

    The whole idea of leaving equipment run overnight seems to be the over-active imagination on the part of some people. Yes, many lamps don't like an on-off cycle, but that's the exception to the rule.
    If your electronics get hot enough that a heat/cool cycle can damage them, you have bigger issues.
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