V2.4.0. EOS Ti. all values say that light should be on, however it is not.

Im running 2.4.0. When I go to cue 404. I have a light that should be on at 40%. However it is not. I have control of it, i can control P/T. I can not bring up intensity manually. However if I "go to cue" out . Then i can turn light on manually. My first thought maybe it is parked out or inhibited. Which it is not. However there is a mark cue parted into it. Light will also not respond to highlight when in cue 404. any ideas? 

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  • It sounds like that there is parameters marked that is preventing you to to bring that light up. What happens in the cue that is marking for? Gobos, colors or even strobe? You could try to Home Beam parameters and bring it up. Although Highlight should work even if there is marked parameters.

    What does about say for that channel?
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