Macro Settings

Hey all, I've been working on creating a show useful for busking and as such macros have become a significant portion of the show file. In trying to understand settings such as background and foreground and targets I've found a lack of documentation on how to get things to work correctly. Ideally I would like for basically all my macros to work in the background, but I've been unable to get some to work in that mode. In short, I'm wondering if anyone knows of anywhere to get more information or can explain how to get these macros working correctly without interfering with screens/the command line.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Technically speaking background mode means it's happening in the command line of User 0.
    There are things that are user dependent, e.g. most of the things in Setup, Desk. So if you want to change stuff in there but use background mode, it does get changed but not in a place that's useful for you.
    For all settings you want to change for your User ID I don't think there currently is another way than using foreground mode
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