Submaster intensity parameters


I'm using an Ion submaster wing with a puck mini computer running the eos software - I've recorded a load of submasters with the intensitys of various groups etc on them. I have also created an intensity inhibitor for all of these to act as a grandmaster (it is being operated by a teacher so I wanted to keep it simple) - however the submaster intensities seem to be flashing between two numbers (for example 39 and 40) continuously - which seems to be creating a very minor flicker in some of the lights. I was wandering if anyone knew why this is happening / a solution to this? When I recorded the inihibitor I put all the values to 0 - could this be the problem?


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  • This isn't expected. Typically a flickering like this might be attributed back to a bad fader or similar. You could use the peripheral test (in this case, the classic peripheral test) in the shell to see if the fader itself is reporting a level that's always changing.