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I'm having a problem writing my new LED CYC fixtures into a workable color mix state on my fader wing. I am using 6 Ovation B 2805 FC in 1c RGBAL full mode for my Cyc and GR units. I have them channeled at 304-309. We're replacing conventional fixtures with RGB mixing. I'd like to keep the same logic of a submitter on a fader controlling cyc at full R,G,B,A,L but I'm not able to mix with them. When I bring up any of the color subs, everything is fine, but when I go to mix in another color, they mix up to 50% and then override the first fader. How do I set the subs to mix one into the other without override?

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  • you have to make sure that you only record the value for one emitter per fader. you recorded R@full, G@0, B@0, A@0 and L@0. but what you need is R@full and nothing else. 0 is a value too...
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    I get that. Is there a new syntax for "null" that I'm missing? What's the proper way to clear 0 absolute values within the sub?
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    At Enter had worked for ever and still does. Since 2.4 you can also place a filter on a sub so values don't play back, but removing the value is cleaner.
    Or of course by recording selectively you can make sure that the value doesn't get in there in the first place: Chan 1 Red Record Sub 1 Enter
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    I'm mid-show, so can't make the edit at this moment, but would you also suggest keeping intensity on a separate fader from each color?
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    Intens is the only thing that's mixed by HTP (Highest Takes Precedence). so let's say you mixed a color you like and now want to fade out by using the subs and maintaining the color. with subs including Intens that's gonna be hard because you have to fadeout all color components proportionally and at the same time. with Intens separate that's simpler.

    and can i say, the console has a great color picker. especially in the world of 5 colors and upwards the console usually knows better which base colors are supposed to be part of your traget color. e.g. did you know that a deep blue needs a tiny amount or red?
    i get that some people prefer the "old school" approach, but chances are you miss out on some features. and 5 colors is not the end. do we know enough about colors to get the brightest version of a color when using an 8 color system?
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