LED Effects- Random colors

Hi all, 

I am brand new to LEDs, and this is my first time trying to program them. I have been asked to do the lighting for a school dance (which I have done in the past), but this time all of our lights were in show mode and could not be moved. I am borrowing 8 LEDs from the music department, and am trying to use this design to make the case to the theater department that we should get LEDs. I am trying to make a cool effect that will not get boring. My concept is I will have four LEDs on either side, and I will have the side on the right start at one end of the theater and the side on the left start on the other and then switch. However, I want to add something that only LEDs can do and switch colors randomly as it does that. If anyone has any ideas, let me know. Also if anyone has a better idea of an effect let me know.


All help is appreciated,

 Jacob B

p.s. I am sorry if this is an ignorant question as I said above I am new at this

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